Fear of truth politics

Jon Huntsman withdrew from the Republican primary.

In a campaign email to supporters, Huntsman wrote, “After three years of bigger government, higher taxes and more spending, America desperately needs a return to conservative principles: limited government, lower taxes and balanced budgets.” (Huffington Post, January 20, 2012)

Really —  “three years?”  That must be a typo.  He must have meant 11 years.  And he must have forgotten that higher spending over the last three years has been in a desperate attempt to keep the economy from going off the cliff we faced in 2008.

Oh — I forgot.  He was in China.  Surely Mitt Romney will correct him.

Or do politicians believe Americans are afraid of truth?  That must be it.  Huntsman’s email wasn’t a typo.  Americans are afraid of truth and vote for politicians who are afraid of truth, too.  We are so ahistorical, so aphilosophical, and so uneducated that we don’t see the ugliness of fearing truth.  We just do it.

Knowing this, it occurs to me that we might elect Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich to the Presidency.  My only comfort comes from knowing it doesn’t matter whether the President is a Republican or Democrat.  Both parties have been purchased by the highest corporate bidders.

That’s one thing we know for sure from the last three years.