Meet the new education– Same as the old education

This week’s TIME magazine reported on the Khan Academy.  Irony drips from Salman Khan’s claim to being an education outsider (page 41):

I think there’s an advantage to being an outsider–I am not colored by the dogma of the Establishment.


Cut the Crap

Dear Salman:

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Mind/Shift ‘School of One,’ or the 6 Virtues approach?

I have nothing against technology. In fact I love it — XM radio, on-demand television, cell phones, laptop computers, YouTube clips, etc. Besides, here I am, blogging on the internet.

What I hate is that we never challenge the assumption that advanced technologies are a key to improving education. This blog challenges that assumption by asking teachers one question:

Which initiative is more likely to lead to an educated citizenry: the Mind/Shift “School of One” initiative, or modeling and teaching the six virtues of the educated person?
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