Is this how we slow down?

Recently, NPR hostess Diane Rehm discussed “Wait: The Art and Science of Delay,” with author Frank Partnoy.  At the end of the show the discussion turned to the technologies that demand our attention:


And here’s a final posting on Facebook from Donna who says, “Personally, I’m no longer a multitasker. I’m tired of rushing and being rushed. I value my quality of life more at this point than, quote, ‘getting stuff done for the sake of being productive.’ I think I’m finding a good balance between productivity and procrastination. Thank you to Frank Partnoy for addressing the social mania for getting things done.”


Well, that’s beautifully expressed. And I think it’s a hard lesson for all of us to learn, but I learned a bunch about it researching “Wait.” And I hope that it will help other people to achieve the balance that she just mentioned.

The NPR announcer then said, “Visit for audio archives, transcripts, podcasts and CD sales.”

I love irony.