We all want the same thing

Guest Blog by Heather Benton

K-2, EC Teacher, Salem Elementary

Burke County, NC

April was autism awareness month in our school. Students made posters for the “Tiger Paw Morning News.” And the whole school watched the autism awareness video produced by the county.

But the most beautiful event was the question and answer session with a panel of our autistic students. Questions were asked appropriately and even though my students were shy and unsure of what to say, they were prepared and did fantastic. Many of my autistic students became friends with peers who learned how to speak to them in the hallways, sit with them at lunch, and simply know that they want friends, too. Our staff is also more aware of ways to communicate with our students.

This was a great display of the six virtues. My students displayed the strength and courage needed to present to hundreds of their peers. And the rest of the school demonstrated humility, understanding, generosity, and imagination.