Which lie to believe?

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

Let me get this straight:

The first reason states were not getting as many vaccine doses as promised from Pfizer was that Pfizer had supply chain problems. Then we found out Pfizer did not have supply chain problems, but millions of doses were sitting in Pfizer storage, awaiting instructions from the federal administration.

The second reason was that bad weather was hitting parts of the US and grounding delivery flights.

The third reason was that the chief operating officer for Operation Warp Speed gave the wrong numbers, failing to realize that some doses had not yet passed quality control measures.

The story has changed three times.

If it was really the second reason, why wasn’t that reason given first? If it was really the third reason, why wasn’t that reason given first? Could it be that all three reasons are lies? Is there any other explanation that makes sense?

The White House must think we are stupid, which is true for anybody who believes their third explanation. Sorry Army General Gustave Perna–those of us who have not been sleeping for the past four years know you are lying. Did the Liar-in-Chief thank you for taking a bullet for the team?


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