Can you count?

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

Hey Donald! Can you count the months between the end of July and the election?

August is 1, September is 2, and October is 3. Did you get that? We will ask that, again, at the end.

If you order a total lockdown at the end of July, the resulting progress against the pandemic will be apparent just before the election. And only then will the economy be ready to come back, which would be another positive development.

I dare you to take my advice, but I warn you. If you do, you will have to admit you were wrong about the miraculously vanishing pandemic. And admitting you were wrong puts you in the ranks of presidents weaker than Obama, who was never wrong about the epidemics he faced.

So, keep taking the advice of Stephen Miller. He knows your base is cheering on your cruelty to immigrants, Democrats, and minorities.

Now–can you count the months between July and November?

August is ? September is ? October is ?


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