Republican support of the virus

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.


Stitt first governor to have COVID-19

The best way to get Biden elected is to keep the virus spread alive. Republican Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt did not wear a mask at the Tulsa event. Way to go Governor Stitt.

You say (1) you are quarantining now, (2) you did not get the virus at the Tulsa rally, and (3) you are feeling fine. If you know so much about contracting the virus, tell us how many people you infected prior to quarantine.

Oh–you can’t tell us that? Thanks for making my point.


And in Oklahoma, Gov. Kevin Stitt said this week that he remained opposed to a mask order, even after he became the first governor known to test positive for the virus. “You can’t pick and choose what freedoms you are going to give people,” Mr. Stitt said during the Zoom call on which he announced his positive test.

“You can”t pick and choose what freedoms you are going to give people.”

Really? That is what you were elected to do. What about speed limits, stop signs, every law that was ever written? That is your job as an elected official.

Way to go Oklahoma–you elected a good one there. Your governor won’t have anything to do with picking and choosing which freedoms he gives you–otherwise known as legislation.


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