What grade are you in?

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

Headline (3/3/2020)

Trump says he spoke to Taliban leader, had ‘good conversation’


Trump told reporters. “We had a good conversation. We’ve agreed there’s no violence. We don’t want violence. We’ll see what happens.”

If Trumpty Dumpty was a fourth-grader, the teacher’s two questions would be (1) What do you mean by “good?” (2) Why do you think it was “good?”

This may be a decent report for a third grader, but a fourth grader would get a C-. A stable genius he is not–a third-grader? Maybe.

I love irony.

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#1 Mark Steger on 03.04.20 at 8:24 pm

Trump: “We’ve agreed there’s no violence.”
Headline: “Taliban Launches Dozens of Attacks in Afghanistan After Striking Deal With U.S. to Withdraw Troops.” (3/4/2020)

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