Want a better society?


This Is How Scandinavia Got Great:

The power of educating the whole person.

David Brooks wrote that our system of education is the key to building a better society. The back story is here:

As I explained in my interview on Jamaican TV, it is fruitless to copy what works in one society and try to bring it into another. There are too many differences in history, too many barriers to tear down and too many customs, values, and traditions to build. (For the complete interview, go to www.sixvirtues.com and click on “Interview on Jamaican TV.”)

But Americans don’t need to copy another society’s education system. We will do better than that, if our definition of the educated person addresses what makes us uniquely human–our intellect, character and spirit.

If you want to know what America’s system of education should be like, read The Six Virtues of the Educated Person. It’s all there.


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