Democrats’ platform

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

Hey Democrats:

First–stop saying Mitt Romney’s vote to convict Trump was an act of courage. Acts of courage teach us about action in the face of danger. There was no danger lurking anywhere near that vote. And the only resulting actions were condemnations from Trump, and Republicans turning away from Romney. We will get back to that, later.    

Second–pull together to defeat Trump next November. Now that Republicans have ruined government and failed to fix our electoral system, it does not matter which one of you gets elected!

Here is your platform:

Our crumbling infrastructure affects all Americans, even the country club set. They don’t realize it, yet, because they are among our most uneducated people: (1) They are ignorant of the long-term effects of their actions. (2) They cannot imagine how their future is tied to the future of the middle and lower classes. (3) They are too weak to stop buying luxuries they don’t need. (4) They fear the truth–that their wealth is the result of luck, or inheritance, or both. (5) They are proud of their wealth, as if it is the result of some great accomplishment (See #4). (6) And they believe self-interest, not generosity, is a virtue.

In other words, if our infrastructure is NOT repaired, their profits will suffer in the long run. The difference between a first world country and a developing country is that the former has all three of the following:

  1. safe roads, bridges, and airports.
  2. water and food that is safe to consume.
  3. a middle class with enough disposable income to buy the products the country clubbers sell.  

Steven Brill, Tailspin (2018), described how government has been destroyed, and how the rule of law and due process have been used to protect and accommodate the wealthy, more than to serve the common good. Ask any honest lawyer about that.

There it is. Nothing could be simpler for Americans to understand. Now that our electoral system, government, and presidency have been misaligned, educated people will vote for the democratic candidates (1) who reject corporate donations from the oil industry, (2) who refuse to criticize other democratic candidates, and (3) who call for democratic candidates to be a band of brothers and sisters.

Update — February 25, 2020 — Evidently Thomas Friedman read this blog about the Democrats’ platform:

Here is the headline:

You can win in a landslide.

And please don’t say democratic candidates have to criticize each other, so the party gets a nominee who is tough enough to stand on the debate stage with Trump. Think past the Trump-Clinton debacle. The democratic candidate should never get down in the mud with Trump. Look at how that would play out. Republicans will revel in Trump’s nastiness because they will regard him as the nastier of the two, which he is and always will be. That makes Trump the winner in their eyes.

And about that Romney thing–Trump demonstrated his uneducated nature by ridiculing Romney. Trump’s ignorance and intellectual incompetence were evident in his inability to understand that pleading for help from Ukraine violated his oath of office. And his weak character, fear of truth, pride and selfishness were evident in his Romney outrage. Trump supporters may share these vices, but most Americans demonstrate the three virtues they were taught in public schools–understanding, strong character, and generosity.  

In other words, with this platform, voters looking out for the public good will vote for a Democrat. They will know that a repaired infrastructure, a secure election system, and a government that works for the public good is needed to take us into the 2020s, 30s and 40s.

So, Democrats, if you want to make it even simpler, “Make America Great Again” looks to the past. Democrats make us great into the future. Drive on Interstate 40 and 26 to experience what that will be like. Those are Republican potholes you are driving over.

And–hey working class Republicans–How is that tax cut going for you? Now that you are filing your taxes, you see a huge reduction–right? You better spend that money for new tires. I am warning you. If your blowout damages my car when I cannot avoid your car lurching into my lane, I will sue you for being so incredibly stupid.

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#1 Mark Steger on 02.14.20 at 5:59 pm

Three things:
1. Yes, our infrastructure is crumbling, but building airports and highways brings with it a threat of burning yet more fossil fuels. Climate change is an even bigger challenge than infrastructure.
2. The Democrats’ internal squabble is a serious problem. Learn from Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.
3. Speaking of history and food that is safe to consume, I recommend PBS’s recent American Experience episode, “The Poison Squad” on Dr. Harvey Wiley, the father of pure food. There are lessons for us today from that story of long ago.

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