Time to model civilization

I was watching Anna Cabrera’s show on CNN last night (2/17/2019). A Republican panelist presented his talking points, and then interrupted the next speaker. I told my wife to change the channel because Cabrera did not shut down the interrupter.

As children we all learned it is impolite to interrupt. It is time for media personalities to model and teach what it means to be civil, civilized, part of civilization. The next time somebody interrupts on television, everybody should change the channel.


#1 Mark J Steger on 02.20.19 at 12:03 am

I gave your advice a try for 24 hours. Please advise on how to treat my sudden onset carpel tunnel syndrome.

#2 casey on 02.20.19 at 12:45 am

That’s a good one, Mark. Evidently you notice the interrupters, too. Why can’t hosts/hostesses shut them down? I can hear my mother now, “Now John, we don’t interrupt when someone else is talking.”

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