Not a Jim Brown fan

I was born in Wisconsin in 1952, so I was never a fan of Jim Brown. In fact I was happy when he retired early from the Cleveland Browns. (The Browns still have not recovered.)

Whose idea was it to bring him out of retirement to the White House? I am waiting to hear from him about his experiences, today. What does he have to say after listening to the fawning president and the irate Kanye? Brown used to be a vocal opponent of oppression in our society. What does he say, now?

Or did they drag him into the White House because, like the president, he is unable to speak coherently in his old age? We will have an answer in the coming days and weeks.


#1 Mark J Steger on 10.11.18 at 8:59 pm

Jim Brown has a history of conservative politics (he endorsed Nixon in 1968). He also has a history of accusations of violence against women (so finding an affinity with Trump shouldn’t be too surprising). I always separated the man from the football player. The man was as flawed as the worst our politics has offered. The football player was damned near unstoppable. As a Packer fan, I hated Jim Brown. I hated how he dragged himself slowly to his feet after every tackle, only to run off another 10 or 20 yards on the very next play. I admired his skills, but I didn’t mind when he retired early. That was long ago. So long ago, he’s even forgotten in NFL fans’ memories now. Appearing with Trump won’t change that.

#2 casey on 10.12.18 at 3:15 pm

Thanks for the update/correction, Mark. I will just leave my post out there, knowing your reply provides a more accurate picture of Jim Brown. You gotta love that violence against women thing. What kind of person would do that? I guess JB was dragged into the White House because he belongs with irate Kanye and pussy-grabbing Donald. What kind of person would do that?

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