Science that really matters

When educators make sure the “science” part of STEM focuses on building a healthier, more physically fit society, I will be its biggest proponent. Here is the plan:

  1. School boards establish standards for the improvement of health and fitness of its middle and high school graduates.
  2. Schools, teachers and students are rewarded for meeting or exceeding the health and fitness standards set for them. And, of course, they are punished for failing to meet them.

Students are taught the science behind all aspects of healthy living — diet, exercise, leisure, bio-metrics, and fitness. And their learning is evaluated by their health and fitness results. Naturally, everybody would work with Physical Education teachers to improve student health and fitness; which is, by far, the most important science related to the science portion of STEM.

Until then, public education’s emphasis on ScienceTEM is just more learning of unimportant facts. We teach enough of those already.



#1 Mark Steger on 05.22.16 at 8:22 pm

board’s? (how about boards?)
punished? (like swatted with a tennis shoe? Who was that gym teacher?)

#2 casey on 05.30.16 at 5:50 pm

I think you are referring to Bill McGinnis. In NC we punish teachers by giving them school “grades.” Schools serving the poorest communities get a D or F. Those serving the wealthiest communities earn A or B.

#3 casey on 06.18.16 at 3:10 pm

Or you might mean Jerry Bonino.

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