New tradition builds virtuous climate

Guest blog by Chip Gordon, Math Teacher

Rohanen Middle School, Rockingham, NC

Generosity and humility have taken Rohanen Middle School by storm. We have improved school climate and teacher attitudes by making “Staff Member of the Month” awards. This new tradition has had a profound effect on the whole school.

It all started in a School Improvement Team meeting. We decided to do something to show appreciation for teachers who are going above and beyond the call of duty.

The monthly award goes to the staff members we want to recognize for their hard work and generosity. Receiving this award one time was a humbling experience – knowing that others saw my efforts and wanted to show their appreciation.

Since we started this tradition, my coworkers and I are more humble as we see the good that many staff are doing. And we are more generous as we recognize the efforts that improve the school for everybody.


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