Student reaches for potential

Guest blog by Ben Jones, High School Science Teacher, Fayetteville, NC.

I approach teaching the same way I do coaching.  I don’t focus on winning or losing (passing or failing) but on teaching students to function at their highest levels.  One thing I learned early in my college basketball coaching career was that it isn’t always about winning and losing.  It’s about getting students and players to take pride in what they do and perform to the best of their ability.

Just the other day, a young man in my class asked what I would do if I had a friend who was homeless?  Would I let him stay at my house? Or would I get him some help through some type of organization or shelter?  The student watched to see if I would blow off the question?

I answered that I would probably help him by either letting him stay at my house until he could find a place, or take him to a shelter so they could assist him.  Come to find out, the student was explaining his life to me.  He and his mother had recently lost their home after his parents’ divorce.

The young man told me that he knew he had not been working up to his potential, and he was asking for help.  It took courage for him to show me that he truly cared about his education.  He wanted me to know why he had not been putting forth effort.  I was proud of the character he showed because I saw him reaching out for help so he could achieve his goal and get a high school degree.

Over the last few weeks he has become a different individual. He is now on track to receive his degree at the end of the year.  I am proud of the changes and effort he has put forth, especially since he had to overcome great adversity.  I am also impressed that he is trying to reach his full potential.


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