School gives back to community

Guest blog by Tammy Lambert, Southwestern Randolph High School Teacher, Randolph County, NC

Our rural community contributes much to our high school, so our principal decided the school should give back to the community.

We established a “break” time, when students can get snacks and drinks on specific days. Next we set up an account called Helping Hands. The profit from “break” time went into the account.

Over the past six years that account has helped students, staff, former graduates, and members of the community in times of need. The Helping Hands fund has served many good purposes.  It put food on tables of families in need.  It provided food and gas for parents needing to visit their hospitalized children an hour away.  It helped students who lost their parents and needed to  pay for a funeral. It helped students whose parents became unemployed and they needed graduation materials.  Assistance with electric bills, heat bills, and hospital bills are some of the other needs that Helping Hands has addressed.

Our students have always helped those in need. This fund is one more way that students and teachers demonstrate the generosity we feel toward members of our community. Many have demonstrated strong character during times of struggle, and they deserve our help.  We are happy to give it.


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