Ask a Curmudgeon #2

Grandpa, you are an old teacher.  Why are old teachers’ lessons on yellow overheads?


The essence of what you need to learn is the same as what I learned at your age — to read, write, imagine, reason, work hard, and give to others. Young teachers change their lessons, trying to find something that will help you learn these life essentials. Good teachers are those who discovered the essence of what to teach, and teach it on overheads that turn yellow with age.


#1 One of the old ones on 01.19.13 at 12:28 am

When the overhead projectors are all discarded, what’s left?

#2 casey on 01.19.13 at 4:34 pm

Good question, Tom.
Here is my prediction:
As overheads are being junked, two young teachers will develop software that projects yellow-tinged powerpoints. These will become popular gag gifts to curmudgeon teachers at the annual faculty Christmas parties during the 2020’s.

Around 2030 a study will find that students learn more from yellow-tinged powerpoints. This will have two effects: (1) the software developers become billionaires, (2) all education powerpoints have a yellow tinge.

Around 2050 another study will find that yellow-tinged powerpoints make no difference in student learning, leaving everyone to wonder why powerpoints have a yellow tinge. Their answer is “tradition.” Only you and I will know that they are a silent tribute to curmudgeon teachers everywhere.

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