Generosity from pride looks like this

I describe American school graduates as being taught to develop: (1) understanding that is unimaginative, (2) strong character that is fearful of truth, and (3) generosity that emerges from pride.

Yesterday’s Dear Abby column had the following story from a Michigan woman. It paints a picture of Number 3:

I don’t have a car. I can’t afford one.  For the last two years a friend has been doing me a favor by taking me grocery shopping each week. I can (and do) take the bus to the grocery store, but it makes it easier to buy things in bulk with a car. We have dinner, go to an occasional film and generally have a good time hanging out. I buy her dinner sometimes as a thank-you. Recently, I got to meet a group of her friends. She introduced me to everyone by going over the history of my not having a car, and how she takes me grocery shopping. They all began praising her for her kindness. I was upset and embarrassed that rather than introduce me as a friend, she portrayed me as an object of her charity.





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