Imagine the possibilities — teachers joining parents to teach virtues

From Christopher Tuft, Archdale Elementary School, Randolph County, NC

As I read The Six Virtues of the Educated Person, my mind kept returning to something a principal said when she hired me: “Teachers at this school educate children’s hearts and their minds.”  In other words, while good test scores were great and knowing your multiplication tables was important, it was all meaningless if students didn’t know how to use these skills in a way that contributed to society.

While I appreciated this as a teacher, it took on a whole new meaning when I became a parent.  My wife and I adopted our sons when they were 8 and 13 so they were already in school.  Of course I want them to know their multiplication tables, know how to read, and score well on tests; but what is more important is that they take what they learn and use it creatively to contribute to society.  I want them to be men of strong character who have the courage to choose ethical action.  I want them to be humble people who are generous with their time and money.

Most parents want this for their children, and most parents work on these virtues at home.  As a teacher I know learning is enhanced, when home and school work together.  Imagine the possibilities if home and school were working together to teach the six virtues.


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