K-5 principal drives improvement

From Christie McMahon, Glen Alpine Elementary School, Burke County, NC

When my new administrator came to our school she had a vision for what she thought our school could be. The staff and students were satisfied but not pushed to achieve new levels of achievement. She showed imagination, courage, and strong character in order to create a better environment for everyone within our school.

First, she demonstrated imagination. She imagined a school full of technology where students would have daily technological interaction to fuel their learning.

She demonstrated courage and strong character when others told her there wasn’t any money to make the changes and purchase the necessary equipment.  She even encountered resistance from staff members.  She persevered through every obstacle to achieve her vision. Her courage and character drew others into her mission.

She has been at our school for three years. There is a Smart Board in every classroom. There are two fully staffed computer labs.  We have document cameras, digital cameras, laptops, etc., for the students to use in the classrooms.

The school climate has also improved under her administration. Her example of strong character, courage, and imagination have infiltrated all of the staff members at our school and helped to make it a better place to be.



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