Is “educated” really this complex?

Richard Tabor Greene identified 48 capabilities of the educated person.  Does his research answer my question about what it means to be educated?  Or is it another list of desired qualities that is neither useful nor inspiring?

Cut the Crap

I tried to read the explanation; but it’s an example of why philosophers get a bad name — discussing esoteric topics in tortured language.  Greene conducted social scientific research to answer a philosophical question.  He provides charts and arrows to illustrate what he found.

Apparently he does not believe that understanding, imagination, strong character, courage, humility and generosity are the six virtues of the educated person.  So, I wonder:

(1) Which of these does he not want people to develop?

(2) Which other virtues does he want them to develop?

The sheer number of his capabilities (48) makes it almost impossible to know what teachers and parents should do in any particular educational situation.  Or am I missing something?  Does this article explain what it means to be educated?

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