Education Pendulum

Veteran teachers know education swings like a pendulum.  The same ideas are expressed in new words that make them popular for a while, before they fade and go out of favor.

Educationese Crap

This month’s Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) publication, Education Update, explains that peer tutoring can increase student engagement and achievement.  It describes and defines (1) cross-age tutoring, (2) cross-ability tutoring, and (3) reciprocal tutoring.

Cut the Crap

The first strategy is when Grade Four, Five, or Six students work with students in Grades One, Two, or Three.  Remember that from grade school?

The second is when students who understand something right away help those who do not.  Remember that?

The third is when students take turns explaining material and challenging each other. Remember that?

For decades teachers have known these practices increase student engagement and achievement — when monitored properly and used in the right situations with the right students.  Instead of Education Update, it should be called, “Education Swings Back and Forth.”


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