The Fundamentals of Life — Economics and Education

I boarded the aircraft and was pleased to see Osaka, Japan, featured in the airline magazine. I visited Osaka in 2000, so I wanted to see how my experience compared with the writer’s descriptions.

When I got to page 12, I discovered why Osaka was featured:

Sky editor Deborah Caulfield Rybek explores Japan’s Kansai region on p. 66. Fly Delta direct to Osaka from Detroit, Seattle, and Guam. Service from Los Angeles and Detroit to Haneda airport in Tokyo starts in early 2011.

The passage struck me because it revealed my naivete at believing, even for a second, that the Osaka article had anything to do with my good fortune at flying Delta when the in-flight magazine featured a place I had visited. Editors featured Osaka for the same reason they feature every destination — to advertise new routes and to entice flyers to purchase airfares.

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