Education degrees come full circle

In colleges of education across the nation, aspiring teachers are taught to improve their teaching by applying what educational research has found to be effective. The assumption is that this will work better than trial and error. As educators earn higher degrees, their understanding comes full circle because trial and error is at the heart of all good teaching.

After earning a bachelor’s degree:

Teachers can identify education issues and make research-based suggestions for improvement.

After earning a master’s degree:

Teachers can identify the most significant educational issues and make research-based suggestions to address them.

After earning a doctoral degree:

Teachers can identify significant problems, hypothesize about the reasons for them, and know what research has found about them. They also know:

1. There is no sure way to successfully address the problems.
2. Different strategies have different benefits, but there is no way to know what causes what.
3. They hope trial and error works in their favor as they address their most difficult situations.

They are back where they started, and the circle is complete.

The Education Research Emperor is parading down Main Street. Although many admire his fine clothes, he is naked. I love irony.


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