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AA Human Nature

This category is a philosophical forum for discussing adult life experiences related to the following two questions:

1. What are your adult experiences with human nature–Are we basically generous or selfish?

2. What are your experiences moving from the idealism of youth to the practicality of middle- and old-age (45-90)?

Ask a Curmudgeon
Wisdom of a 60-year-old.

Behind the headline

Don’t read the story. This is what it means.

Book Thoughts
Latest-to-earliest collection of all blogs.

Politics Blogs
Latest-to-earliest collection of Politics blogs.

Religion Blogs
Latest-to-earliest collection of Religion blogs.

Cut the Crap
Education and political commentators use language that hypes their side of an argument more than it enlightens the public. This was the theme of my first Guest Commentary in the Asheville Citizen-Times (2002)

The crap we have to cut today is even thicker.

For Teachers, By Teachers
Teacher book reviews and stories about when school situations were made better by the virtues.

I love irony
Like the title says.

Manuscripts & Presentations
I submit manuscripts to journals with themes that relate to ideas in my book. Here I publish rejected and accepted manuscripts, related commentaries, and presentations.

Media Reviews
These blogs review the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly of debates about American public education.  I pay special attention to how debaters define what it means to be educated.

Teacher Reads
Teachers are weary of getting no respect.  The best ones are insulted by the social science experiment.  The six-virtue philosophy speaks to many of them.  Blogs in this category remind them of why they became teachers.

Blog Series:

The Nordic Secret

This series of blogs is letters to the authors of The Nordic Secret— a book that discusses the importance of educating the whole person.

Bill Gates (5 blogs)
Bill Gates donates millions of dollars to the reform of public education.  Philanthropists can define “educated” however they want.  Gates defines it as having high test scores.  How will that definition reform education?

Learned Watching Cable News
Reflections on cable TV discourse (ongoing).

This 3-part blog discusses NurtureShock; a popular book about the “new science of child rearing.” Read why philosophy offers child rearing guidance that is more useful than the social science in this book.

Series on Beliefs (5 parts)
Beliefs drive thought and action.  Where do they come from? Why are they important?  How do we assess them?  How do we change them?

University Students’ K-12 Experiences (4 parts)
This four-part blog shares the final exam responses of college students who were in high school just a few years ago. These aspiring teachers discuss the art and science of teaching, what their schools were like, and their experiences with tests and three curricula.