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Trump rally mix-up

The headline read:

“Trump slams security for being politically correct.”

The subhead read:

“The president wasn’t happy with one of the security guards assigned to his campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night.”

My question is, “Why was anybody who cares about the well-being of others at a Trump rally?”

Kavanaugh again

None of the accusations against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh have been judged to be true. As I pointed out in a different blog, about a Cal Thomas editorial, however,

He (Cal Thomas) was arguing against re-opening the Kavanaugh background file. Why do Republicans refuse to hear under-oath testimony from anybody other than Kavanaugh and the accuser? Why isn’t Kavanaugh calling for testimony from others? Why isn’t he offering to take a lie-detector test?”


Cristine Blase Ford took a lie detector test, and she passed. In other words, common sense tells us that Christine Blase Ford was telling the truth, even if “the rule of law” has not spoken.

Now we have new accusations against Kavanaugh, when he was at Yale.

Nothing will be done, but we need to put this in perspective:

Two of the six males on the Supreme Court have been credibly accused of either sexual harassment or assault. Apparently, Republicans can’t find male nominees to the Supreme Court who haven’t sexually harassed women in their thirties, or sexually assaulted them in high school and college. (BTW–Anita Hill passed a lie detector test, too. Clarence Thomas refused to take one.)

You gotta love that rule of law thing. Clarence and Bart are two more examples of its real purpose–to protect powerful, uneducated men– especially those who attended Yale law school. I love irony.

Attention NC Democrats

North Carolina House Republicans made the national news with their sneak vote to override the budget veto of Governor Cooper. Republicans in control of the House told democrats they would not hold any votes on Thursday, September 11. Therefore, democrats attended a 9/11 memorial service. The Republican leadership changed its mind, and the House voted to override the Governor’s veto because not enough democrats were there to vote.

The main question is, “When did Republican leaders change their mind?” The history of the Republican takeover of the state legislature tells us that they “changed their mind” long before September 11. NC Republicans are known for their strategies aimed at gaining political power–voter fraud, extreme gerrymandering (which they brag about), and voter suppression laws–to name a few.

Now it goes to the Senate. To complete the override Republicans need one Senate Democrat to vote with them. I plead with Democrats to take the following strategy:

  1. identify three Democratic Senators to convince Republican leadership they will vote to override the veto.
  2. Then, when the vote is taken, every one of them can say, “I thought I was going to vote to override, but I changed my mind.”

Republicans do whatever gets them what they want because their highest value is self-interest. How do you like your democracy, now?


Trump discovered that Andrew McCabe was not loyal to him, so he fired McCabe two days before his fiftieth birthday. According to various news accounts, McCabe lost early-retirement benefits that he would have been eligible for at age 50. But that is not the point, here.

The point is that you gotta love McCabe’s payback. The Threat is a tell-all book based on contemporaneous notes of conversations with the first orange-colored president. It is the perfect payback to the man who failed to see the obvious–you don’t fire a federal employee two days before he is eligible for benefits earned during more than twenty years of service. Nobody does that, except someone who cares only about himself and who is a threat to all that is good in our country.

Time to model civilization

I was watching Anna Cabrera’s show on CNN last night (2/17/2019). A Republican panelist presented his talking points, and then interrupted the next speaker. I told my wife to change the channel because Cabrera did not shut down the interrupter.

As children we all learned it is impolite to interrupt. It is time for media personalities to model and teach what it means to be civil, civilized, part of civilization. The next time somebody interrupts on television, everybody should change the channel.

You don’t have to read it

Here is the headline:

10 Toxic People You Should Avoid At All Costs

Here is the link:


After 6 paragraphs describing research findings on the negative impact of “toxic” people, paragraph 8 starts with why you need to know this list:

“You can’t hope to distance yourself from toxic people until you first know who they are.”

Really? I already know who to stay away from. I distance myself from people I don’t like all the time. I don’t need a single list to tell me who to avoid. And I don’t know anybody who does. I don’t know them because I distance myself from people who hang out with people they don’t like.

So, what is the purpose of this article? Oh yes — I forgot. This is the internet. The purpose is to get me to click on the link. Nothing more, nothing less. Mission accomplished.



Headline: Trump shocks GOP by praising top Democratic leader

AOL Online ( November 21, 2016)

Really AOL? Politicians were shocked by what Trump said?

My Headline: Everyone will be shocked if Trump drains the swamp, jails Hillary, deports illegal immigrants, punishes women who have an abortion, builds a wall, etc.

Until then, nobody is shocked by anything he says.

Headline: Flash poll: Donald Trump won the final presidential debate

AOL online (October 20, 2016)

The article’s first sentence says this is a “flash” poll. The second sentence says it is an “unscientific survey that ran on AOL.com during the debate” (italics added). AOL assumes you don’t understand what it means to be an “unscientific” survey?

My headline: AOL poll tells nothing about who won final debate, but — ooh — it was a “flash” poll!

Headline: The type of car you own says a lot about your personality

AOL online (10/19/2016)

In order to get you to click on the story, the headline screams about a wrong-way correlation.

My headline: Your personality and pocketbook determine the type of car you buy (but you already knew that).

Wrong-way correlations are everywhere. I wrote about them here.


Headline: Data that Helps Educational Leaders Improve Schools

ASCD Newsletter (10/19/2016)

This is nonsense because the six virtues, not data, help a school leader improve a school.

My headline: If you need data to improve your school, you’re not a school leader.