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Trump decline

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

Two headlines and articles on the same page of the Asheville Citizen-Times (June 29, 2020):

Trump tweet causes quick stir

Soon after, Trump deleted the tweet that shared the video (of a man shouting “white power”), White House spokesman Judd Deere said in a statement that “President Trump is a big fan of The Villages. He did not hear the one statement made on the video.”

Trump: Not aware of Russian bounty

President Donald Trump denied Sunday that he knew about an intelligence report that concluded Russia had paid a bounty to the Taliban to kill American troops serving in Afghanistan.

Assuming both statements about Trump are true, which is unlikely, here are my Headlines:

Trump hearing is declining

Trump ignorance is growing

On the other hand, we had a saying in my classroom when I taught school administration to teachers aspiring to become administrators: “If it is not in writing, it did not happen. So, put things in writing.” Evidently, American intelligence officials have the same rule.

This is from the June 30, NYT:

American officials provided a written briefing in late February to President Trump laying out their conclusion that a Russian military intelligence unit offered and paid bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan, two officials familiar with the matter said.

Mail In Voting

Our side is corrupt but the other side is more corrupt.

Headline (US News and World Report, June 19, 2020):

Trump: Mail-In voting Presents ‘Biggest Risk’ to Reelection.

What a loser! He is making excuses already.

Dear Ben Carson:

Our side is corrupt but the other side is more corrupt.

Headline (Politico, 6/14/2020):

“U.S. needs to stop being offended about everything, Ben Carson says”

Text of article:

“We’ve reached a point in our society where we dissect everything and try to ascribe some nefarious notion to it,” replied Carson, the only black member of Trump’s Cabinet. “We need to move away from being offended by everything, of going through history and looking at everything, you know, of renaming everything.”

Dear Ben,

As an African-American member of a Republican administration, you should share your experiences of being oppressed in America. The reason you are not sharing them is the reason we are dissecting everything and ascribing nefarious notions to them.

BTW — we don’t have to “try to ascribe some nefarious notion.” They are obvious. Can’t you see them?

We elected a child

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

From this morning’s NYT (5/31/2020):

Even some of Mr. Trump’s usual allies were distressed at the original shooting tweet. Geraldo Rivera, the television and radio host who often spends time with Mr. Trump at the president’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, decried “the recklessness” of that message and called on the president “to self-censor himself.”

“Come on, what is this, sixth grade?” Mr. Rivera said on Fox News. “You don’t put gasoline on the fire. That’s not calming anybody.” He added: “All he does is diminish himself.”

Geraldo Rivera says we elected a pre-adolescent middle schooler. He is wrong. We elected a child.

HEADLINE: Trump calls for journalists who covered the Russia probe to return their ‘Noble Prizes’ in Twitter rant before deleting it

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

This man is mentally ill.

Won’t be wearing a mask

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

Of course Humpty Trumpty won’t wear a mask:

“You can do it. You don’t have to do it. I am choosing not to do it.”

Wearing a mask would demonstrate that he cares about other people, which we know is not true. So, for once he told the truth–he cares about nobody but himself.

What grade are you in?

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

Headline (3/3/2020)

Trump says he spoke to Taliban leader, had ‘good conversation’


Trump told reporters. “We had a good conversation. We’ve agreed there’s no violence. We don’t want violence. We’ll see what happens.”

If Trumpty Dumpty was a fourth-grader, the teacher’s two questions would be (1) What do you mean by “good?” (2) Why do you think it was “good?”

This may be a decent report for a third grader, but a fourth grader would get a C-. A stable genius he is not–a third-grader? Maybe.

I love irony.

Want a better society?


This Is How Scandinavia Got Great:

The power of educating the whole person.

David Brooks wrote that our system of education is the key to building a better society. The back story is here:

As I explained in my interview on Jamaican TV, it is fruitless to copy what works in one society and try to bring it into another. There are too many differences in history, too many barriers to tear down and too many customs, values, and traditions to build. (For the complete interview, go to www.sixvirtues.com and click on “Interview on Jamaican TV.”)

But Americans don’t need to copy another society’s education system. We will do better than that, if our definition of the educated person addresses what makes us uniquely human–our intellect, character and spirit.

If you want to know what America’s system of education should be like, read The Six Virtues of the Educated Person. It’s all there.

Rip it up

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.


GOP rips Pelosi over torn speech

Many people have expressed the wish that Nancy would not have torn the speech on national TV.

Regardless of the verdicts coming down on Nancy, another way to look at it is that, if she had not done it, we would not be talking about it. Maybe Nancy learned from Donald that, If you want to be in the news, you have to do and say outrageous things:

“And when you are a star, you can do anything . . . Grab them by the pussy.”

How many of the Pelosi condemnations are coming from people who condemned Donald’s disgusting statement? Unless you can point me to your condemnation of Donald’s attitude toward women, shut up about a speech torn by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. If you don’t like it, remember – that is why we have elections.

Culture War

Our side is corrupt, but the other side is more corrupt.

According to the New York Times:

Mr. Alexander (Republican Senator Lamar Alexander) said Friday during an interview in his Capitol office. “For the Senate to tear up the ballots in this election and say President Trump couldn’t be on it, the country probably wouldn’t accept that. It would just pour gasoline on cultural fires that are burning out there.”

Earlier in the morning, I was reflecting on the “cultural fires that are burning out there.” As I wrote in my book, American public schools teach three virtues (understanding, strong character, and generosity), and three vices:

  1. lack of imagination (Sit down, shut up, and don’t ask too many questions.)
  2. fear of truth (Democracy is the best form of government.)
  3. pride (Be proud of yourself, your country, your state, and your school.)

When I go to the polls next November, I will remember that we are engaged in a culture war. What is that about democracy being the best form of government? Does it apply to countries in which voters are taught to be unimaginative, fearful of truth, and proud?

Next November’s results will be a verdict on public schooling in America. And I won’t need to know a thing about students’ test scores.